The Impact Team

The soteria. Impact Team works with a core commitment to safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion and serve as on the ground leaders for all soteria. activations. The team also serves as on-going strategic advisors to ensure socially responsible and relevant next generation engagement. The Impact Team’s expertise helps to ensure the consistency and quality of the Ambassador program and inspires an ethic of non-judgmental and compassionate care that is the soteria. brand standard.


Christine Alegre

Christine is a Juvenile Justice and Civil Rights Activist. She has worked in the non-profit sector for the past 10 years. She has worked closely with Inside Out Writers, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, Spirit Awakening and Manifest Works. She is a journalist and writer who focuses on the voices of the unheard.  As a person who has experienced incarceration, Christine is committed to the liberation and spiritual freedom of all. Since 2017 she has been building safe space for other formerly incarcerated and system impacted people (all systems, foster care, health care, etc.) in the production industry. She provides mentoring support to woman and girls who are rebuilding their lives after incarceration and helps develop opportunity, connections and access for those she supports. Christine is working on expanding her own Catering/Craft Service company. Christine was a member of the Impact Team for the pop-up mental health focused museum We Rise 2018. As a member of the soteria. Impact Team Christine served as a lead ambassador for Summit LA18, the every one initiative at Coachella and Stagecoach 2019, and YOLA Día Festival 2019.


Ashley Calderon

Ashley is a graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Redlands with degrees in Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies. She has worked with organizations abroad and at home in Southern California. She worked with underprivileged youth from a variety of different backgrounds including refugee, first-generation, and non-English speaking. She has worked on lobbying in Sacramento to fund private universities like Redlands, teaching ESL and psycho-social curriculum in Nablus, Palestine, and serves the homeless community in San Pedro, CA where she lives. She currently works at a mortuary providing Emotional Response and Support Services to families as they experience the transition of life of a loved one. Ashley is passionate about safety in cultural spaces and works to help ensure that everyone has a safe, inclusive and joyful time. The love of humanity that drives the soteria. team to preserve dignity, foster inclusivity, and be advocates for ALL inspires her every day. As a lead Ambassador for soteria. she provided support to festival guests during activations a Summit LA18, the every one Initiative at Coachella and Stagecoach, FORM Festival 2019 and YOLA Día 2019


Abry Elmassian

Abry is a graduate of the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands with an emphasis titled, Understanding Psychology Through the Comprehension of Public Policy, Race, Gender, and Class. She has worked in legislative policy reform for previously incarcerated individuals, family reunification services and provided education and counseling for young people who have been affected by incarceration, abuse, homelessness, and other manifestations of trauma. She worked to create safe spaces in juvenile hall, residential facilities and in safe houses for women and children. Abry served as a member of the Impact Team assembled to produce the pop-up mental health museum, We Rise in 2018. Music, art, and collective experiences of expression and growth have been an integral part of her upbringing and ensuring safety within large scale cultural events has been her focus since she began attending festivals. Abry has helped create and implement sanctuary space standards, protocol, and security and medical integration as part of the soteria. Impact Team at Summit LA18, the every one Initiative at Coachella and Stagecoach 2019, and FORM Festival 2019.


Lana Ludovico:

Lana is a graduate of the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands where she graduated with a self-designed degree titled, “Mindful Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry”. She is a consultant who brings together a unique skill set in areas art/culture, social responsibility and strategic change. She is a DJ and cultural organizer and who is passionate about utilizing cultural elements to galvanize communities and amplify the efforts of others to create meaningful change.  She has worked in experiential marketing, digital strategy development and all areas of live production. Lana works on large scale cultural events, exhibits and productions and was a member of the Impact Team for the pop-up mental health focused museum We Rise 2018. With extensive first responder training from Dr. Aquil Basheer, she has contributed her leadership and skills in safety work throughout soteria. Lana served as safety liaison and lead Ambassador for soteria. activations at Summit LA18, the every one initiative the Coachella Music and Art Festival and FORM Festival 2019.  


Dave Maldonado

David is an artist focused foremost on cultivating compassion as an effort and aid in promoting transformative and restorative communal healing. As a co-founder of the non-profit Classroom of Compassion, David draws from his experiences as a set designer and floral stylist to create immersive environments and workshops that reinvigorate the shared human experience. His compassion efforts have supported organizations such as the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, The Trevor Project, The Los Angeles LGBT Center and numerous High Schools in the Los Angeles area. Dave served as a lead Ambassador for soteria. activations at Summit LA18, Coachella and Stagecoach 2019 and YOLA Día Festival 2019.


Noah Reich

Noah is a curator of experiences and spaces. Whether he's involved in activism, filmmaking, writing, teaching, or art installations, Noah creates inclusive spaces that act as compassionate heartbeats for the community. Co-founder of Classroom of Compassion, Noah travels the country building spaces and conducting workshops for communities in need of compassion and healing. In addition to his activism and advocacy, Reich has worked within the Media Production and Culture and Inclusivity departments at Walt Disney Imagineering for the past 7 years. Noah served as a lead Docent for the pop-up mental health focused museum We Rise and as lead Ambassador for soteria. activations at Summit LA18, Coachella and Stagecoach 2019 and YOLA Día Festival 2019.


Kaitlin Williams

Kaitlin is the founder and CEO of Makeup Le Vie- a makeup brand and line dedicated to advocating for self-love and giving back to community. She is a professional makeup artist who has worked with countless brands, companies, and live productions from Sephora to the Grammy’s.

In the 2018 she joined The Impact Team on Into-Action LA and We Rise LA -large scale pop-up justice pop-up festivals where she helped shape and execute the guest engagement/experience strategy.  Kaitlin is committed to leading with compassion and dedicates herself to lifting people who are most marginalized. Her goal is to create positive and safe spaces for women and marginalized communities where beauty in all expressions can be celebrated. She is dedicated to making the beauty industry diverse, authentic and equitable. Kaitlin served as a lead soteria. Ambassador Summit LA18 and Coachella 2019 where she helped provide safe space for guests experiencing emotional distress and over consumption during the festival.