soteria. is a designated safe space, offering a full range of services, education and amenities to ensure the safety and well being of any visitor experiencing anxiety, trauma trigger, harassment, sexual misconduct and/or assault.

soteria. was... 
the Greek goddess of safety and salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm.  The ancient Greek Soterias (plural) were festivals in the 3rd century B.C. celebrating music and sport. 

soteria. is...
an initiative created and produced by woman. as all-encompassing safe spaces and installations at music festivals, major cultural gatherings, universities and large-scale corporate events and corporate headquarters. 

woman. is working to shift the culture within these shared spaces by creating safer, more enjoyable experiences for our community at large through soteria.’s safe spaces, practices and programming, which include but are not limited to safety training, consent and harassment education, access to mental health and crisis de-escalation professionals and by offering calming, curated physical environments on location.

soteria. works hand-in-hand with expert consultants across all relevant fields of care and support, including health care professionals, law enforcement and mental health & trauma specialists to formulate this dynamic program offering support to not only our most at-risk and vulnerable communities, but to all attendees with access to the spaces or programming, for an elevated shared experience.

soteria. is... 
a tool offering industry leaders, professionals, allies and advocates the opportunity to deepen their understanding of best practices in the areas of consent, harassment, harm reduction and assault prevention. 

All are encouraged to visit any soteria. space and engage with our innovative solutions in creating inclusive and safe workplaces, shared communal spaces and more.

soteria. is... 
a space offering a safe, non-judgmental and welcoming environment to all who choose to "hold space" with us. 

Our physical spaces offer a full suite of early intervention and crisis resolution services, and include skilled and compassionate safety ambassadors and counseling staff, private sanctuary and reporting rooms for discrete counseling and clinical & reporting needs and thoughtful and comfortable communal lounge areas, featuring interactive educational resources and self-care amenities. 

soteria. is a safe gathering space for positive and reflective curated programming, supportive networking and quiet activities that encourage self-care, reflection and renewal. All of our calming spaces include a calming aesthetic, environment temperature control, strong wifi and privacy.  

Our educational resources provide all visitors with tangible tips and best practices in ending workplace sexual harassment, misconduct and violence.

soteria. is...
here for you.

To learn more about our programming and soteria. activation options, or if you need more information on soteria. please reach out.